The European Commission is considering delaying the delivery of DAC6 reports

The consequences of the Coronavirus have caused the delay of delivery in the DAC6 reports

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has caused the European Commission to consider delaying the deadlines for the delivery of DAC6 reports. Financial organizations and professional associations also call for a moratorium on the entry into force of the sanctioning regime.

The economic impact that European territories have suffered due to the virus has caused businessmen, fiscal intermediaries and taxpayers to be pressured when it comes to complying with the obligations of the Directive. These groups are joined by the tax administrations of the Member States, which will also have difficulties in publishing practical guides for the application of the new regulations.

In this situation, one of the representatives of the EU Commission has declared that “any moratorium must be for a limited period of time and will not affect the start of application of the Directive. Reportable cross-border operations carried out within the grace period, must be reported once said period has elapsed.”

Finally, the Commission and the Council of the EU have been requested to intervene urgently in delaying the entry into force of the sanctioning regime regarding non-compliance with the reporting obligations of the DAC6.

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